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Confidentiality Policy

For network facilitators

Confidentiality is fundamental to our work. What is discussed in the room stays within the room. Network meeting facilitators from our organization must respect the information they are told within the session and will not pass this information onto individuals outside. They will also refrain from speaking about what happens within a network without the network present or without the consent of the network. Logistics around meeting a network however will be discussed without the network present. Network meeting facilitators may also discuss ways to improve or extend our work within our organization, but this will be done without identifying details.

For the people you invite to a network meeting

We are unable to vouch for individuals invited to a session, beyond asking that all individuals respect that a network meeting is a safe space, and that what is said in a room does not leave it without the consent of others. Because of this, we encourage you to only invite people you trust to a network meeting and that you communicate clearly about what information you feel sensitive about.

Extending Confidentiality

We believe that individuals attending our network meetings have a right to remain anonymous. There are however a few limited circumstances under which our network meeting facilitators will be unable to maintain confidentiality. In an immediate emergency, such as an individual being taken seriously ill during a network meeting, network meeting facilitators will contact 999. Further, network meeting facilitators will ask to break confidentiality if they feel that an individual attending the network meeting is at risk of taking their own life or of harming another person​. The individual will be fully involved in this process. The network meeting facilitators will talk to the individual, explain their concerns and ask if they can contact anyone to offer further support to the individual. Depending on the individual’s request, the network meeting facilitators will contact emergency services or the individual’s local GP. If network meeting facilitators are made aware that a third party is in immediate danger or harm, specifically a child, they will have to break confidentiality in accordance with the Children Act 1989 and do what they can to protect that child by passing on information to the relevant services.

Please note that our network meeting facilitators can only offer support within the network meeting. If an individual chooses to leave a network meeting or refuse our request to break confidentiality network meeting facilitators will be unable to pursue further action. Network facilitators cannot take any responsibility for individuals after they have left a network meeting. Additionally if network meeting facilitators have serious concerns about the risk of an individual taking their own life and if that individual refuses all offers of further support, the network meeting facilitator may use the information provided by the individual attending the network meeting to pass their concerns on to the individual’s GP or to emergency services.

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